Corroboree Little Atheletics

Award definitions

Club Champion

The Club Champion Trophies go to the Club’s best male and female athletes over the course of the season. Many criteria are taken into consideration for the winner of this award and include the following:

To be eligible, the athlete must have demonstrated a high level of general behaviour/good sportsmanship whilst representing Corroboree at LAACT Championships/Carnivals and at Club meets. If in the opinion of the Club Committee, the athlete has failed to comply with this requirement, it will make the athlete ineligible for the overall award.

The athlete must have attended the minimum number of Corroboree meets throughout the season (same criteria that is used to determine the Age Group Champions)

A point-score system has been developed by the club to assist with the judging of this process and takes into account the following aspects:

  • Performance in their age group at Corroboree meets. Note the winner may but does not need to also be the Corroboree age group champion.
  • Medals at the LAACT Championships
  • ACT records broken by the athlete
  • Corroboree records broken by the athlete
  • If necessary, performance at other LAACT Carnivals including the Multi-Event and Relay Carnival can be used if the above is not sufficient to determine a clear Club Champion.

At the discretion of the committee, adjustments to the point-score may be made where athletes are the only athlete in the age group or won medals at the ACT championships in fields smaller than 4 competitors. These results will not be totally discounted but will be considered in the overall final judgement.

Coaches Encouragement Awards

The club coaches will award one male and one female athlete in each of the 2 training groups with an encouragement award in recognition of consistent effort and engagement during training, club meets and carnivals and demonstration of good sportsmanship over the course of the season.

John Hunt (Best Club Person) Award

The John Hunt Award will be awarded to the person (athlete, committee member, parent, family) who contributed most to the Club during the season or over a number of years. The Award will be at the sole discretion of the Committee; however, nominations will be invited from anyone within the Club, and they are welcome to assist the Committee in reaching their decision.

Life Membership

Corroboree may appoint any person as an honorary member or honorary life member of the Centre in recognition of services tendered in promoting the interests and objects of the Centre.

Age Champions

The Age Champion Trophy will go to the Age Group’s best athlete based on Corroboree meet results over the course of the season. The Age Group Champion is awarded according to the following point system:

  • the athlete with the best time, distance, or height (i.e., Centre Best) – 5 points
  • the athlete with the second-best time, distance, or height (excluding the 1st placed athlete) – 3 points
  • the athlete with the third-best time, distance, or height (excluding the 1st and second placed athletes) – 1 point
  • The 1st time a Corroboree record is broken in a single event scores a bonus 5 points. Every subsequent new record broken by the same athlete for that same event scores a bonus 2 points.
  • If 2 or more athletes achieve the same time/distance/height, then both athletes score the allocated number of points. If the tie is in the second-place position, no 3rd place points will be awarded.
  • The Age Group champion will be the athlete who has the most points. If there is a tie, a countback will be used and the athlete with the greatest number of Centre Bests will be awarded the trophy. If there is still a tie, then joint champions will be awarded.

Most Improved / Bacchus Best

The Most Improved award is given to the child in each gender and age group that achieves the most number of PB’s (Personal Bests) throughout the season. A PB is counted when the child runs the fastest time, throws the longest distance, jumps the furthest or highest than they have for the entire season. It is possible to achieve multiple PB’s at a single meet. Previous seasons results are not counted in the calculations of a PB.

Age champions are exempt from this award. If the Age Champion has the most PB’s then the child with the next highest number gets the Most Improved Award.

The Bacchus Best award is for the child who gets the most number of PBs in a season from ALL age groups and genders. There are 2 awards for the Bacchus Best, U6-U8 and U9+. This is to account for the fact that U6-U8 do On Track as one of their 5 weekly events and are therefore limited in any how many PB’s they can achieve each week.

Corroboree Spirit Award


Centre Best Certificates

Children will be awarded a Centre Best certificate if they have achieved the best result in a single event for their age group for the entire season. If they achieve the best time, or furthest distance in multiple events, these will all be recognised on the certificate.

Participation Medals

Any child who attends at least 8 of the 14 meets will be awarded a Corroboree Participation Medal at the Presentation Day. This is a small thank you from the club for your child’s support during the season.

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