Corroboree Little Atheletics

Senior Athletes

In 2022, Corroboree became a full service club and as such we can now accept athletes of all ages. This allows our athletes to stay with us for the period of their athletic journey.

Our Adults/Seniors are broken into 2 categories:

  • U12-U17 Dual registration
  • U18+ Adults

Dual registration

The U12-U17 age group are not only permitted to do our Saturday meets, but they are also permitted to participate in Senior competitive meets. (See below for detail). When U12-U17 register they are asked to select a Senior club. As of 2022/23 you can now choose Corroboree. It doesn’t cost any extra and gives them the ability to do all or any of the Senior meets on offer. Tick this box when you register even if you don’t think you’ll do Senior meets. You may well change your mind.

U12-U17 are offered a full five event meet each Saturday morning and the offer of competing against our U18+ members in one or two events at the end of the meet.

You can also wear your Corroboree uniform when competing at Senior meets.

U18+ (Adults/Seniors)

When you join Corroboree as an U18+ athlete, you will be able to participate in 2 or 3 events at the end of each Little Athletics meet. These events are in line with the events offered on the day. Rain may change the program but at this stage events will be as follows for 2022-23.

You can also compete in the AACT competitions wearing your Corroboree uniform.

See this PDF for extra information as well the Athletics ACT membership page.

AACT Summer Series Competitions

Do you miss athletics during winter?

If you are in the U12-18 age groups at a LAACT centre you can participate in the AACT Summer Series.

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