Corroboree Little Atheletics

Corroboree Club Captains

Club Captains at Corroboree Athletics Club will be high profile and prestigious leadership positions at the club with Captains taking the responsibility of motivating and encouraging every Athlete in the Club.

One male and one female will be chosen as Club Captains supported by two males and two females as Vice Captains. Their role will be to represent the clubs values and encourage a fun and vibrant atmosphere both at club meets and at Representative competition.

Their duties will include:

  • Leading and encouraging club spirit including the club chant at Corroboree meets.
  • Demonstrating good sportsmanship;
  • Encouraging and ensuring everyone in the club gets a fair go;
  • Providing guidance  to younger athletes including event preparation and warm-up;
  • Actively seeking attendance at representative carnivals;
  • Working with and supporting Team Managers where appropriate.
  • Captains will be expected to participate at LAACT Carnivals and help with the organisation of the younger athletes.
  • Advise committee members when they see or experience events that are detrimental to what the club is trying to achieve.

Nominations for Captain will be made by the membership cohort in the U16 and U17 age group as well as by committee members. Nominated members must accept their nomination and then these members will be voted on by the committee.

Successful club captains will be announced at the earliest available Corroboree meet.

Nomination process

If you would like to nominate yourself or a fellow athlete the process is very straight forward. Simply send an email to with the subject of ‘Club Captain Nomination’ and a few sentences about why you (or the person you’re nominating) would make a good club captain. (No more than half an A4 page).

All nominations will be voted on in a secret ballot by the committee.

History of Club Captains

Club Captains Vice Captains
2023-24 Ana Boshier
Laura Davidson
Luke Peek
Henry Martin
2022-23 Laura Davidson
Joshua Morrison
Ana Boshier
Luke Peek
Henry Martin
2021-22 Georgia Godwin
Misha Van Scheppingen
Sierra Jaques
Joshua Morrison
2020-21 Sarah Nutt
Marc-Andre Beauvais
Georgia Godwin
Misha Van Scheppingen
2019-20 Alexandra Krope
Ethan Laver
Sarah Nutt
Angus Boshier
2018-19 Bonnie Sutton
David Wilson
Alexandra Krope
Ethan Laver


Photo of club captains 2023-24: Anna, Laura, Henry and Luke

From left to right of Paralympian Jaryd Clifford:
Ana Boshier (C), Laura Davidson (C), Luke Peek (C), Henry Martin (C)


From left to right:
Ana Boshier (VC), Laura Davidson (C), Joshua Morrison (C), Luke Peek (VC), Henry Martin (VC)
Not pictured: Mia Zasiadczyk (VC)


From left to right:
Joshua Morrison (VC), Misha Van Scheppingen (C), Sierra Jaques (VC), Georgia Godwin (C)


From left to right:
Georgia Godwin (VC), Sarah Nutt (C), Marc-Andre Beauvais (C), Misha Van Scheppingen (VC)


From left to right:
Club Captains: Bonnie Sutton and David Wilson
Club Vice Captains: Ethan Laver and Alexandra Krope

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