Corroboree Little Atheletics

Corroboree Gift/Xmas Party

Saturday, 16 December 2023
8:45am - 11am

Where: Dickson Playing Fields

Eric and Joyce Boyson Corroboree Gift

You MUST enter online by midnight Thursday to be a part of this event. There will be no on-the-day entries as it’s just too difficult to organise ad hoc handicaps and heats.

Event Information

Named after our club founders, the Gift is a handicapped 100m event where the fastest person in each heat starts at the 100m mark and everyone else gets a head start depending on their handicap. The goal is that everyone crosses the line at the same time, making life extremely difficult for our judges. The winner of each heat will go on to the final and we have a girls and a boys event. Previous winners have been U6, U7, U8, U10 and U12 so anyone can win it. There is no point in coming to the Xmas Party and not running in the Gift. Please enter.

Wear your brightest and most colourful Xmas outfits, you do not need to wear your Corroboree Shirt this weekend. We have coloured bibs for each lane to help us work out who won and it looks great.

We love this event because kids who don’t normally finish at the pointy end, tend to win the medals… and they love it.

The Ruud Relays

This is a six person relay team race named after our awesome tech official life member Ruud van Scheppingen – we have a boys and a girls relay. The defending champions are the Senior Girls and the U11 boys. Each teams 100m times are added up and teams are then handicapped by starting a number of seconds behind the first team This can be up to a minute for the Senior teams.

When you enter the gift, there will be a checkbox that says you want to be considered for the Ruud Relay teams. The hardest part about this event is people who enter and don’t show up and everything has to be recalculated. Only check this box if you are 100% certain you will be there on Saturday. 6 kids from each age group will be drawn out of a hat to make up their respective teams. Slower kids get bigger handicaps so don’t be scared.

Takken Dash and Sutton Sprint (aka Mum and Dads race)

Please note, the insurers will NOT cover us for this event (I am not kidding) so enter at your own risk. This is a 100m dash (or sprint) named after two Corroboree life members, Andrew Sutton and Ingrid Takken. Big prestige is on the line here as you show your kids how it’s done. No pre-entry required.

See you on Saturday morning for an awesome day out.

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