Corroboree Little Atheletics

Corroboree Gift Wrap Up 2022

20 December 2022

What a great way to end the calendar year. Perfect weather after the wind left us, the kids seemed to have a ball, Santa was on time and some great races from both the kids and the parents. Our Gift winners were U12 Owen Stafford and U9 Stella Rowley. We had kids from all age ranges in the finals and they were hotly contested events. The change of having kids racing against their own age group seemed to go well but I’m happy to hear feedback.

The day started with the Adult gift; injuries and illness curtailed the field but there were still seven entrants and Stephen Sheppard set up a good day with a convincing win over Josie Cleland, with Sam Findlay in third. I’m sure I won but somehow the photos didn’t back me up.

The Ruud Relays were challenging to get started with a number of late withdrawals both on the evening and on the morning making life hard for the handicappers but it’s a great event when it gets started and this year was no different. The U10 girls proved too strong and the senior U14+ team who took home the trophy three times over the last three years dropped the baton, putting paid to their chances. The U8 boys held off a fast-finishing U12 team.

The heats then kicked off and we had a few blow outs but their times were changed for the final but a lot of the field were crossing the line together which is what we wanted. The timers did a great job in sorting out our place getters. The draw for three second place getters to join the final took place and then it was time for the Mums and Dads to strut their stuff. The Giasons have dominated this event over the last few years but were absent this season, opening it up for the rest of us mere mortals.

The Takken Dash was a hotly contested field with many ladies crossing within a second of the winner but it was last years runner up (I’m pretty sure) Liz Edye who took the tape from Fiona Hull-Stein and Imogen Serfontein in third.

The Sutton Sprint was missing three-time champ Karl Giason and we all thought Luke Allard would have it all his own way but Stephen Sheppard provided the shock of the day with a great performance, just pipping Luke on the line with Sam Findlay in third. The kids loved seeing Mum and Dad out there.

Then it was the Santa Relay were some kids thought it was cream only to find shaving cream doesn’t taste very good! There was a lot of washing to be done after this event but the kids had a ball.

Finally, it was time for the gift finals and presentations. Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone for the great spirit the event was run in.


Corroboree Gift – Female

  1. Stella Rowley (U9)
  2. Georgina Grant (U12)
  3. Claire Rice (U10)

Corroboree Gift – Male

  1. Owen Stafford Black (U12)
  2. Marlon Peters-Baines (U10)
  3. Hamish McLennan (U8)

Takken Dash

  1. Liz Edye
  2. Fiona Hill-Stein
  3. Imogen Serfontein

Sutton Sprint

  1. Stephen Sheppard
  2. Luke Allard
  3. Sam Findlay

Ruud Relay – Girls

  1. U10
  2. U12
  3. U8

Ruud Relay – Boys

  1. U8
  2. U12
  3. U11

Senior Gift

  1. Stephen Sheppard
  2. Josie Cleland
  3. Sam Findlay

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