Corroboree Little Atheletics

Big News!

30 July 2022

Some on the ball people may have noticed our social media name has changed as well as our website domain and logo.

This is because, I am very pleased to announce that Corroboree have been successful in our application to become a Full Service Athletics Club!

What does this mean?


Business as usual


There is now no need to join another club once you have joined Corroboree.

No matter what your age, you can be a Corroboree athlete. You can compete at Senior meets in your Corroboree shirts – no more swapping numbers between two different club shirts. There will probably be a small extra fee to pay (still working our way through this and definitely no more than you would have paid last year) as we have to give some money to Athletics ACT to enable your Senior registration.

I would encourage all of our Seniors to pay this fee to allow you to compete at Senior meets (which run year-round) any time you want to. However, if you have no intention of doing any of the Senior meets then you can still ignore the Dual membership option.

When it is time to register for the new season, check the dual membership option and choose Corroboree as your senior club of choice.

We will also be able to assist the Seniors to navigate the different and sometime intimidating world of Senior Athletics. We will put together a heap of information on our website that you can refer to and be there to support our athletes at these meets.

18+ and Adults

Over 17s can also now join (or rejoin!) our club and compete under the Corroboree banner at Senior meets. We are also in the process of planning to offer two Senior events at the end of each Little As Saturday meet (a field event and a track event). The details will be sorted out over the next few weeks.

Name change

Moving forward we will be known as Corroboree Athletics but we stress that our main focus will continue to be Little Athletics.

This is an exciting time in the club’s history and we look forward to ironing out all of the unknowns before the season begins and offer an even better experience than we already do for our ‘little’ and ‘big’ athletes. Registrations will open in around a months time.

Little Athletics Australia Sponsor